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What is Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

Dual Diagnosis Treatment
When someone seeks out treatment for drug and alcohol abuse, they may need to tackle other issues as well. A dual diagnosis treatment plan can help a patient overcome both their substance abuse problem and the underlying emotional/psychiatric problem that may be leading to the substance abuse problem. Dealing with both problems in dual diagnosis rehab can help a patient overcome their addictions and pave the way for a better future.

Dual Diagnosis disorder – How Often Does it Occur?
According to the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA), dual diagnosis is actually very common. A report published in the journal showed that 37% of alcohol abusers and 53% of drug abusers also have a serious mental illness.1 Many have more than one mental illness in addition to their addiction, which can make treatment complicated and multi-faceted. Alcohol and drug abuse is found in 29% of people who have been diagnosed as mentally ill.

That’s why it’s so important that patients seek out dual diagnosis treatment facilities. These facilities are designed to help patients with all of their issues – from alcohol dependence to depression and everything in-between.

How Does a Dual Diagnosis Case Develop?
Even though professionals know that dual diagnosis is common and that certain disorders carry increased risks of abuse, it’s not clear which comes first in a patient’s life. The substance abuse and emotional problem can feed off of one another.

Sometimes patients can have a psychiatric or emotional problem that spurs their use of drugs or alcohol. They start using these substances in order to level out and feel more “normal.” However, that self-medication can then lead to dependence on the substances. With psychological or physical dependence, it becomes more difficult for the patient to get off of drugs or alcohol and get help.

For other dual diagnosis patients, the alcohol or drug problem starts first. They abuse alcohol or drugs so much that they can develop depression, anxiety, rage or suicidal tendencies. When they try to withdraw from the drugs or alcohol, they find that they have bigger problems to deal with.

No matter what the case, dual diagnosis treatment can create a supportive and healing environment for people who have both substance abuse and psychological problems. Treating just one of the problems will not create long lasting recovery. With dual diagnosis, a patient can receive the unique support that he or she needs to beat drug and alcohol abuse and improve their psychiatric or emotional condition. Our dual diagnosis treatment center has experienced phsycologists and therapists along with medical professionals that

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