Bipolar Disorder

Challenges Addiction Treatment understands that some people are not aware of the severity that Bipolar Disorder may cause upon their daily lives. There are two types of Bipolar Disorder that can be classified based on the severity of symptoms.

The first type is referred to as Bipolar Disorder I and is characterized by a “high” feeling of extreme euphoria, elevated self-esteem, easily distracted from task, grandiose ideas and unyielding in person and business dealings. This high, though appealing may lead to extreme difficulties in some of the same areas of their lives. The person may spend excessive amounts of money, make impulse driven decisions regarding business or personal situations and engage in a dangerous use of substance abuse or sexual behavior. A Depression can occur once the high wears off and the consequences of the individual’s behavior are revealed, leading to an even harsher depressive state.

The second type is known as Bipolar Disorder II and carries the same symptoms but not to the extreme, allowing the individual to function at a managed level and without the need for supervised treatment. Please understand though, certain symptoms can be relevant to similar mood disorders, so a Psychiatric evaluation is recommended prior to treatment.

Challenges has the ability to not only diagnose Bipolar Disorder but with psychiatric and medical staff on property, we are able to treat the disorder in an appropriate manner. Challenges treatment of Bipolar Disorder may include pharmacology combined with therapeutic techniques enabling the individual to recognize when the characteristics of Bipolar Disorder are upon them. This ability to recognize the symptoms will allow them to take action helpful not harmful to their well being. Challenges Addiction Treatment Center will assist with coping skills and the creation of a support group, a combination that if willing will allow the individual to overcome the challenge of living with Bipolar Disorder.