Anxiety Disorder

The nature of anxiety has many levels of severity that Challenges Addiction Treatment Center has the experience and knowledge to assist with. The increased heart rate, muscle tension and focused thinking, occur in reaction to understanding an originated fright. This physical and mental stimulation is referred to as fight or flight phenomenon as the body makes a decision to protect itself or run from a dangerous situation.

The Anxiety disorder does not merely show up; there is usually a period of time over which it will progress to a level where day to day functioning is affected. There seems to be no specific event, stimulation or unwarranted stimulus that brings on an Anxiety disorder, although its characteristics can be evident to the individual due to their developed uncontrollability. These symptoms can manifest as minimal heart palpitations, dizziness, increased breathing and excessive worry, but not to be confused with a Panic Disorder.

Challenges works with individuals diagnosed with Anxiety disorder by walking them through the possible underlying fears associated with excessive worry. There can be situations that occurred at a young age. Such situations as parental control, physical abuse or phobias that developed at an early age based on a traumatic event. Challenges Addiction Treatment Center understands that individuals may attribute life events to possible behavior patterns and substance use therefore the treatment is based on each persons experience.