Individual Therapy

Individual psychotherapy at Challenges Addiction Treatment Center is implemented by our trained professional therapists, to help our clients work on understanding the addiction and create balance in their lives. While at Challenges keep in mind that the more you believe you can change and that therapy can make a difference, the more positive and successful your treatment will be.

Although your therapist may be directing the sessions, you are the one in control. Challenges Addiction Treatment Center will create a program to best suit your needs but we are still very responsive to any feedback that you have. However, keep in mind that our therapists are highly trained professionals and have a lot of experience within the field of addiction. By trusting that your therapist has your best intentions in mind, you will benefit more from the therapy here at Challenges.

The key to success in psychotherapy is the strength and stability of the relationship between the client and the therapist. Therefore it is very important that you are comfortable and happy with your therapist while here at Challenges Addiction Treatment Center. Our therapist are skilled professionals who show warmth, empathy, patience, genuineness, honesty and an ability to be upfront yet caring at the same time. These qualities help the client achieve the important goal of self-awareness. Clients that gain self-awareness are clients that believe in themselves, the therapy, the therapist and goal of treatment to begin recovering from their addiction. When you gain the trust that therapy is helping, you are more likely motivated to work on therapy goals, and are therefore more likely to experience the benefits of treatment at Challenges.

While at Challenges Addiction Treatment Center, your therapist will help you develop specific goals of your treatment plan. Your plan will include an overall goal as well as more focused goals that will develop as your treatment progresses. The goal structure makes it easy to identify where you are having difficulty and what we need to work on further into your treatment. Understanding and accepting the overall goal will help you get through times when you feel like giving up and reverting back to old behaviors. Keep focused and consistent with the therapy; remember to keep visualizing yourself in a positive manner and remain motivated.

Your treatment plan as well as your therapist here at Challenges Addiction Treatment Center will help you to identify coping strategies,rearrange life priorities, focus on meaningful pursuits, and identify personal strengths.