Group Therapy

At Challenges Addiction Treatment Center all clients participate in group psychotherapy; clients attend meetings on a regular basis with other clients and also a therapist. The purpose of these meetings is for the clients to provide support and feedback to one another regarding their struggles with addiction and gain therapeutic feedback from a therapist at the same time.

Challenges group therapy process provides support from peers and can lead to developing relationships among like-minded individuals who will continue to encourage each other to remain abstinent from drugs or alcohol. Group therapy also helps recovering individuals learn more about the cause of their addiction in a safe, controlled environment which enables them to learn and try new coping strategies which help deal with life’s struggles without the use of drugs or alcohol.

At Challenges the group therapy has a goal for each meeting or we may allow a more unstructured and free-flowing dynamic to unfold depending on the participants. There may be a general question asked of the entire group or a more direct question to a client in order for other clients to help and encourage one another with support. Our philosophy is to create a foundation of support that will allow everyone the chance at success and a continuously gain relapse prevention skills.

The Challenges staff includes some of the finest treatment experts in the country focusing on addiction and mental health treatment. The Challenges team believes that a healthy body and a healthy mind go hand-in-hand and our professional staff reflects this philosophy.