12 Steps as Therapy

Twelve Step Therapy is a structured, individual driven therapy used to initiate the recovery process for individuals with alcohol abuse, substance abuse or other addiction problems. The therapy is based on the spiritual, thought and action principles of the 12th step fellowship programs, such as Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous.

In addition to abstaining from drugs or alcohol, a primary goal of this therapy is to foster a patient’s commitment to participating in structured 12 Step Fellowship. During the course of treatment at Challenges Addiction Treatment Center, patients are actively encouraged to attend AA meetings. Therapy sessions are highly structured, following a similar format each week that includes symptoms inquiry, review and reinforcement for AA participation, introduction and explication of the week’s theme, and setting goals for AA participation for the next week. Material introduced during treatment sessions is complemented by reading assignments from AA literature.

Through 12 Step Therapy the individual will acknowledge that willpower cannot sustain recovery, that a need to surrender the fight of addiction and a spiritual guidance is needed to promote long term sobriety. There are two goals for 12 Step Facilitation Therapy that are focused on with each individual: 1) accepting that they must completely abstain from alcohol or drugs and 2) become willing to attend 12 step fellowships and actively participate in a program of recovery.

Challenges Addiction Treatment Center incorporates a 12 Step Therapy model with all individuals whom addiction has taken over their lives. This starts from the first day and is reinforced throughout treatment at Challenges either supervised in our facility or outside of the facility.