Spice Addiction

In a new era of designer and synthetic drug use, the Spice Addiction has developed from a need to provide individuals the care necessary to arrest an easily accessible regulated drug. Spice, also known as synthetic cannabis can be purchased online or over the counter and is referred to as the legal marijuana. There is little regulation on the product and each the FDA mandates regulation of Spice, manufacturers merely change the synthetic compound design to ensure availability under new regulation. The effects of Spice mirror those of heavy marijuana users consisting of increased appetite, bloodshot eyes and lack of enthusiasm to interact socially or physically.

For those individuals with pre-existing mental conditions, the use of Spice may counteract their current medication or worsen their untreated mental disorder. Since Spice is fairly new in the market there are no current studies outlining the long or short term usage of Spice. In turn, the most effective treatment for spice seems to follow the path of the Marijuana Addiction, working with the individual slowly and effectively to reconnect the mind and body through psychiatric therapy and if needed Behavioral Pharmacology.

Challenges Addiction Treatment Center allows the individual to recover at a pace that allows for the understanding of the addiction, core concepts and skills to overcome the addiction. Those skills gained by clients of Challenges in turn are put into practice through the recovery process supported and supervised by experience staff. Their goal is to assist in establishing long term recovery plans and help with relapse prevention for the individuals.