Kratom Addiction

In an age of synthetic drugs, Challenges Addiction Treatment Center recognizes there are still those alternative drugs described as a natural element used for medicinal and recreational purposes. One such alternative synthetic drug is Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa), described as a legal high drug which can be purchased from smoke shops and various internet websites within the United States.

Some characteristics of Kratom based on small dosage use can be a sense of stimulated energy, talkativeness, ability to overcome physical tedium and increased sexual vivacity. A large dosage of Kratom may lead to a large sense of relaxation, dilated pupils and dream states. An adverse effect of Kratom usage may be nausea, agitation and skin itchiness. The addiction to Kratom has its various levels of mental and physical dependence although not as critical to compared Opiates, residual effects of long term use have been documented.

The withdrawals have the potential to replicate that of other opiates yet with a considerably less intensity but longer endurance of up to 10 days from last usage. Challenges enlist the approach to the addiction of Kratom by assessing the individual’s dosage amount and frequency of usage. We can develop a treatment plan encompassing not only behavioral therapy but a wellness plan to rebuild the individual mentally and physically. The goal is to maintain a healthy living style in conjunction with positive coping skills, enabling the individual to not turning to a substance to live but to begin building a foundation for relapse prevention.