Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine has been a problem of epidemic proportions in America for years and Challenges Addiction Treatment Center has seen its share of addicts seeking recovery and treatment from cocaine addiction. Challenges treatment facility has a highly recognized addiction program with a great success rate. Cocaine is a powerful drug that stimulates the brain.

Cocaine works by blocking the dopamine receptors in the brain from recycling the chemicals. Dopamine is responsible for the sensation of pleasure in the body when released. It is then collected by the same receptors and the feelings of pleasure subside. Cocaine interrupts this process and causes a buildup of Dopamine in the system, causing euphoria in the user. The body adapts quickly to the introduction of cocaine and, even as soon as the second time using, users find themselves needing larger quantities of the drug in order to achieve the same high, causing many users to become heavily addicted to the drug.

Every addiction is different, but there are some common side effects of cocaine abuse and addiction. There are also both short and long-term effects of cocaine abuse. Addicts are often restless, euphoric and hyperactive. The state of euphoria, however, is usually short-lived, and usually followed by depression and a desire to use cocaine again. Heavy users tend to be paranoid or impotent, and suffer from uncontrollable twitching. Paranoid delusions, itching and hallucinations are often seen in cases of excessive use.

Long-term effects include damage to the nose and a deviated septum, tooth grinding, which can also lead to deterioration of the tooth enamel and lead to gingivitis. Cocaine abuse can cause kidney disease and renal failure, lead to autoimmune diseases and can cause serious damage to the addict’s brain. Overdoses are not uncommon and can often result in seizures, stroke, cerebral hemorrhage, heart problems, respiratory failure and, in extreme cases, death.

Challenges Addiction Treatment Center is a nationally recognized center of excellence for the treatment of substance abuse, addictions, dual diagnoses and relapse prevention. Our treatment programs are specifically designed with the needs of the individual patient in mind. We will help you identify cocaine and crack cocaine addiction signs and treat your addiction.

If detox is needed, we can facilitate the needs of the client. The Challenges staff is highly trained and we are one of the oldest addiction treatment and relapse prevention centers, not only in the State of Florida, but also in the United States. If you or someone you love has a cocaine addiction, we can help.

We have a wide variety of treatment programs available, including neurofeedback, individual therapy, group therapy, Residential or PHP Treatment, extended care transitional treatment and intensive outpatient treatment, and ongoing alumni services to ensure continued recovery and support.