When you mention treatment in regard to alcohol and drug abuse, most people tend to think of either detox or a long-term inpatient facility. The fact is drug or alcohol abuse treatment, involves both of these, as well as a variety of other services. Treatment for abusing drugs and alcohol is most often defined as a set of services to arrest or curtail the destructive pattern of substance abuse and drug addiction.

Treatment for alcoholism, like drug treatment, can have a profound effect on the alcoholic as well as society as a whole. Immediate effects of ending the alcohol abuse are improved social and psychological function and often include a decrease in criminality and violence. Understanding the nature of alcoholism is the key to the prevention of a return to the addiction to alcohol. Without adequate alcoholism treatment such as relapse prevention, alcoholics often find themselves in an endless cycle of detox, rehab, treatment center, and sustained abstinence, only to begin the cycle all over again when their lives improve.

Challenges treatment is tailored to address a person’s psychological, emotional, physical and social conditions. The primary goal of addiction treatment is the elimination or sustained reduction in alcohol or drug use, a continuous improvement of personal health, and a regular expansion of the individual’s social ability.There is a diversity of medically based approaches to drug addiction and alcoholism treatment and may be mental, medicinal or a combination of the two. Behavioral therapies, such as counseling, cognitive therapy, or psychotherapy, offer the addicted individual the tools to cope with drug cravings, as well as train them to avoid addictive substances and associated behaviors.

Challenges provides psychological and psychiatric assessment, and our board certified psychiatrists/addictionologists will monitor and prescribe medications to assist with symptoms associated with mental illness when necessary. Our clients receive an extensive assessment to ensure the optimal recovery setting and level of care to individually meet their needs. We offer a wide range of therapeutic groups that address mental health difficulties as well as addiction. Our treatment team is made up of professionals with strong backgrounds and education in mental health and addiction.