Treatment for addiction to drugs and alcohol – rehab center in Florida

addiction treatment at florida facilityLocated in the Greater Fort Lauderdale, Florida area, Challenges Addiction Treatment and Relapse Prevention Center specializes in all forms of addiction treatment, ranging from prescription painkiller addiction, drug abuse and addiction, alcohol addiction, to other chemical dependencies and addiction, and dual diagnosed or multi-occurring disorders.

At Challenges, our highly trained and compassionate staff treat the underlying causes of the drug and alcohol addiction, and not just the addiction itself. That’s why we have a nationally recognized reputation for Relapse Prevention. At Challenges, Relapse Ends Here.

We provide cutting-edge care in addiction treatment and relapse prevention, and our treatment is personified by highly individualized, highly specialized care, technology, alternative and holistic care models and AA/NA 12 Step Recovery.

Visit our rehab services page for details on all the treatments we provide at Challenges, but here are a few of the many types of treatment we offer:

  • Full Day/PHP Treatment with or without Structured Living
  • Extended Care Transitional Treatment
  • Intensive Out Patient Treatment (IOP/Evenings & Partial Day)
  • Flexible, Holistic and Individualized Treatment Planning

Support After Addiction Treatment

After treatment, our intensive Relapse Treatment Prevention Program will provide clients with the tools needed to help identify warning signals and trigger mechanisms. We are advocates of Technology Enhanced Recovery and have integrated sophisticated technology into our Aftercare and Relapse Prevention programs, which help position our clients for successful recovery and relapse prevention.

Professional Addiction Treatment Staff

Challenges Addiction Treatment and Relapse Prevention Center is state licensed and JCAHO accredited. Our staff is comprised of a multidisciplinary team of professionals including Psychiatrists, Nurses Licensed Masters and PhD level Therapists and Addiction Specialists and Specialized Relapse Treatment Professionals.

Alternative Addiction Treatments

We also have wellness and alternative therapy experts on staff to provide our clients with a variety of therapies like Neurofeedback, Yoga, Tai, Chi, Chiropractic Relaxation, Fitness, and a host of other services. Challenges staff is also available to assist families in the intervention process.

Helping Families Through the Rehab Admissions Process

At Challenges, we understand how stressful the admissions process can be. We have highly trained admissions personnel whose goal is to help each client and family through the transition into treatment. Upon admission to Challenges, an individualized treatment plan will be formulated with the full participation of the client.