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Addiction Rehab Testimonials

Here are a few of the many addiction rehab testimonials we have received from former clients and their families who have been treated at Challenges, the Florida rehab center for drug and alcohol addiction treatment. We provide treatment, training and aftercare that allows our clients to take control of their lives and to be well and healthy once again. Our mission is to give people hope and a future – and we never take that mission lightly.

“I wanted to let someone know just how grateful I am to have the opportunity to attend Challenges. As you know, I have been at several treatment centers in the past and they always seemed like they used the same treatment and recovery message. It seemed that my time with you was very individual. Even though many of us had similar problems, we were not treated all the same way.

Nobody was judgmental and I was always treated with dignity and respect. I never mentioned this to anyone but the group therapy sessions were small and intimate and I felt comfortable sharing some of my secrets I never spoke about in the past at other centers.

I will be celebrating 2 years this month and want to come back and visit if that’s ok. Thank you for helping me get my life back.” -Robert S.

“I am writing this letter of appreciation because when I first called Challenges, my life appeared hopeless. Right from the start I was welcomed and felt like somebody cared. My family and I weren’t speaking and my wife had taken our kids and moved in with family. I was told by my therapist that if I keep my focus on recovery things would get better. I participated in my groups and individual sessions and put my recovery first. It was great to be able to speak with both of my therapists almost every day.

Anytime I was bent out of shape with something (pretty often I may add) there was always someone that walked me through things. This was the first time in my life anyone really worked with me on my bi-polar issue and my cocaine problem. As you know I sent my daughter to you and she is doing great and really active in recovery and just got her real estate license. Feel free to show this to anyone and I am available to speak with anyone. Thank you so much for my life and my daughters.” –Brian J.

“Being a successful business person for years, I found out the hard way you can lose it all very quickly and it doesn’t stop with your business. After losing just about everything, my therapist suggested I try something else. She called someone at Challenges and got me in there. First, I was resistant because I heard it all before (in the three other centers I attended) but I was promised this would be different because Challenges specialized in chronic relapse and dual diagnosis.

I was still suspect but agreed when I found out that maybe they could help me with a legal matter. I quickly realized you guys were different. I was treated as an equal not a sub-standard individual. My therapists really helped me to see all I was missing in previous attempts to recover, including the family program. THAT WAS GREAT. I just want to thank all of you from top to bottom. Thank you for the understanding, caring, flexibility and professionalism. The accommodations were very nice but the therapy is what has changed my life so significantly. If anyone I know ever needs help, you will be the first and only call.” -Janet G.

“When I brought my daughter to Challenges my concern was that if we don’t do something she will not survive her addiction to drugs like her father. Every time I spoke with her during her stay she sounded so different and was embracing her new life in recovery.

When her therapist told me to get involved in the family program I learned so much and understood what they meant about this being a family disease. After about 17 months of being clean and sober, my daughter and myself have both communication and a relationship that hadn’t existed for far too many years. We loved your staff, the programs and understanding. Besides the wonderful therapy, the warmth never wavered. We know it’s “one day at a time,” so for today, thank you for saving two lives.” -Dory P.

“Before I came to Challenges I had been in 4 other treatment centers and I just couldn’t stay clean. My family had given up on me and I was losing everything. The Challenges Program was different from what I had gotten before. The counselors were fantastic and they really cared about finding out why I was relapsing and giving me a plan to stay sober after leaving treatment.For the first time I felt a lot of hope about my future. I’ve been clean for over 2 years since leaving Challenges and I’m so grateful for their continuing support.” -Larry M.

“I’d been addicted to pain medication for many years since my back surgery. I never thought that I’d be able to get off the pain pills. At Challenges I learned how to manage the pain in a way that kept me off of addictive pain pills. It sounds funny to say but for the first that I can remember I have a life now. The people who know me can’t believe that I’m so healthy now compared to how I was. The program at Challenges was a godsend to me and my family. -Jeff C.

“I entered Challenges Treatment Center in October 2009 for a 30 day stay after detox. I came to find another way of living. I was tired with my life or lack thereof. I needed to separate myself from the drugs and the people I was involved with. My counselor Stu was very professional and helped me to open my eyes to find another way of living. He said I would get out what I put in.Structured Living was a real challenge but it helped me a lot. Everything is better now and I have been clean for 9 months. I would recommend Challenges to anyone trying to get clean.” -Daniel T.

“My life was a very difficult one; a compulsion of drinking alcohol on a daily basis.I was lost and out of control. Losing friends and hurting loved ones emotionally, until the day I became “unemployable”….and then my life took a different turn. I was admitted at Challenges on March 21, 2009 and from there I found a new light, a new way of living; a new way of living that I was not able to do on my own.

That was sobriety. A new life without alcohol. I was admitted to a 30-day living sober community. Structured Living was where I have learned that “one day at a time” I could be happy again and restore my life to sanity. Living a life of joy and happiness.My journey started by learning all the “tools” that I would carry for the rest of my life. With the support of the staff and my therapist I learned that I did not have to live in a life of darkness and isolation any longer. I had a value to my friends and loved ones. Today I live my life to the fullest. I enjoy and became capable of dealing with life in lifer terms. Accepting the fact that I will never be able to drink again safely….and for the gift of sobriety I am very grateful.

Thanks to everyone that crossed my path into this new way of life. Most of all God bless you all for the opportunity that was provided at Challenges.” -Wally D.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Challenges for a rewarding treatment experience. The staff was extremely competent and very caring. They made one of the most difficult times of my life not only bearable but rewarding.

They were also attentive to outside issues that had to be settled in order to allow me to focus exclusively on treatment and the resulting issues. I feel that Challenges catapulted me into 12 step recovery and has maximized my chances for long term recovery.I will always be grateful to the staff at Challenges for their professionalism and hard work.” -Craig S.

“My experience at Challenges was very positive. I would tell anyone with the disease of addiction to definitely come to treatment here at Challenges. The therapists are great and the techs are great too.” -Ryan B.

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