Specialized Programs

Challenges offers a wide range of specialized treatment programs including:

Dual Diagnosed and Co-Occuring Disorders
Trauma and Grief Resolution
Public Figures and High Profile Individuals
Compulsive Gambling & Other Co-Occurring Addictive Behavioral Disorders
Impaired Professionals (Attorneys, Physicians, Nurses, etc.)
DUI Programs
Motivational Enhancement
Addiction-Free Pain Management Program Specialized Treatment Services

Challenges offers specialized focused programs:

•    Addictive Disorders
•    Co-Occurring and Multi Occurring Disorders
•    Trauma and Grief Resolution
•    Gender Specific and Culturally Specialized Programs
•    Behavioral and Personality Disorders
•    Impaired Professionals
•    Alternative Wellness Program
•    Technology Enhanced Recovery
•    Narcotic Free Pain Management
•    Neurofeedback
•    Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning Treatment Program

For more Information about these specialized programs or to speak to an admissions counselor, please call:

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