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Signs of alcoholism and symptoms of warning

Since alcoholism is a progressive disease, it means that the symptoms of alcoholism become more pronounced over time. Just because the signs of alcoholism aren’t serious doesn’t mean that they won’t be eventually. Alcoholics can show moderate symptoms of alcohol abuse for months or years before a more serious problem develops. Below is a list of alcoholism facts that may determine warnings signs that alcohol is a problem that needs help such as an intervention or alcohol rehabilitation.

If you notice any of these five signs, you may want to look for help for your friend, family member or coworker:

1. Turning to alcohol for escape and relaxation.

A glass of wine or beer on occasion isn’t a problem – but when a loved one can’t seem to relax without alcohol, it can be a big issue. Look for signs that your family member or friend is using alcohol in order to relax all of the time. This can point to a large scale problem that needs to be dealt with.

2. Increased tolerance for alcohol.

Those who have problems with alcohol need to drink more and more overtime in order to get the same effects. For example, if they were able to get a buzzed feeling from two glasses of wine, and now it takes them ¾ of a bottle to achieve the same feeling, it could be signs of a problem. An alcoholic generally doesn’t see their increased tolerance for alcohol as a problem but at an outsider observer, you’ll be able to tell if they need more and more to get buzzed or drunk.

3. Using alcohol in situations that are dangerous or risky.

Alcoholics have a disproportionate understanding of their own ability to handle tasks while under the influence. As a result, they try to get work done, drive cars or do other risky things while under the influence. Other risky behavior can include mixing alcohol with prescription medications or pain killers. If your friend of loved one is risking their own health while under the influence, it’s a sign of a big problem.

4. Neglecting responsibilities in order to drink more alcohol.

Poor work performance, skipping responsibilities and avoiding social obligations in order to spend time at home getting drunk are all signs of alcoholic behavior. Although many drinking problems start as a way to relax and distress, an alcoholic actually makes life more stressful for themselves.

5. Having trouble quitting abusing or drinking alcohol.

Non-alcoholics who drink alcohol and don’t develop a dependence can easily stop drinking. It’s not the same for alcoholics. Alcoholics not only have a psychological dependence, but they have physical dependence as well. Their bodies get used to the alcohol so when they try to quit, they can experience tremors, cravings and insomnia in severe cases but can also stop without withdrawal but always return to drinking in access. They can never just have one drink and stop. Other withdrawal symptoms can include anxiety, depression, irritability, fatigue, loss of appetite and headache. If your loved one can’t quit without experiencing these symptoms, they may need professional help in order to quit drinking.

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