Holistic Wellness Program

Challenges Addiction Treatment Center we are proponents of wellness practices and holistic treatment methodology. Our clients while in treatment with us will be offered a chance to interact with our wellness and alternative therapy experts on staff. We provide the availability of the following services to enhance the recovery process and to assist our clients in finding healthier ways in dealing with the everyday stressors in their lives.

Challenges offers chiropractic adjustment and relaxation to release the lactic acid built up in the muscles, art therapy for creativity outlets, fitness to build healthy muscles and endorphins, Neurofeedback to understand and increase cognitive function, art therapy to initiate the sober creativity, guided meditation to center the mind and body, Music therapy which helps identify feelings and emotions for coping skills practice, Nutritional counseling in order to maintain a healthy diet and balanced well-being.

We will make available other services such as Spiritual Healing for our clients who desire the spiritual side of recovery, Tai Chi and Yoga for a body and mind exercise connection and Vitamin Therapy to replenish and build up the body’s immune system that may have been displaced from the years of addiction.