Family Program

Challenges Addiction Treatment Center is committed to the inclusion of family as an integral part of every client’s treatment plan. The disease of addiction adversely affects the entire family. When a client is admitted to Challenges the primary therapist contacts the family to orient them to the treatment process and invites them to participate in treatment when their family member. Information about the program, the disease process as well as their family member’s treatment is shared.

All family members are encouraged to participate in the Family program which consists of individual, group and educational meetings. All meetings designed for everyone to share information, define processes like co-dependency and enabling, educate about the diagnoses and medications and the development of new coping strategies for recovery and relapse prevention. “Family” in our terms, includes but not limited to parents, spouses, siblings, children, as well as friends, significant others, employers, sponsors or anyone else who may be important to enhance and participate in the client’s treatment and recovery.

Throughout the year, Challenges offers Family weekends where family members of clients and alumni are invited to initiate or re-visit issues and concerns, monitor progress and reconfirm the commitment to a shared recovery process by attending a structured weekend of meetings and group sessions in a relaxed atmosphere. The weekend will allow attendees the opportunity to problem solve old or new problems, develop additional ongoing support from other families and reaffirm their desire to prevent relapse and maintain a healthy recovery. The weekend truly provides the ability to expand the network of formal and informal support for family members and clients in the never ending shared recovery process.