Alumni Program

In an effort to support patients upon being discharged from, Challenges Addiction Treatment Center developed an alumni program encompassing the thousands we have worked with over the last 13 years. While you are in treatment the connection gained from your peers and staff is one that enforces that desire to stay clean and become the individual you have always wanted. Our alumni program gives you the ability to maintain that connection to the core of your recovery.

As a member of our Alumni program you have the privilege of being involved with the events and happenings at Challenges. Each month you will receive the alumni newsletter updating you on the upcoming events, speaking opportunities and insight into how we are growing. Your inclusion to the program also allows you access to the Alumni Forum. In the forum you will have the ability to share with other alumni whats going on in your world, find meetings in your local area, give or get support to daily issues, share your experience, strength and hope or just pass along a joke to lighten up someone’s day.

As a member of the alumni program, Challenges will be offering a chance for alumni to comeback for a weekend refresher to get grounded again. We understand life happens and at times a person may begin to make different decisions not inline with what they learned in treatment and since being clean. This is why you may be able to attend a weekend treatment schedule to get focused and committed again to a clean and sober way of living.

Reasons to join the Alumni Program:

1) The Continued Connection – Like minded individuals you have a bond with

2) Inspiration to Maintain – A group to be accountable to and supported by from the beginning

3) Acceptance – People who know your struggles and relate on a different level

4) Recovery Community – Shed old friendships and build new friendships to avoid falling backwards

5) Fun in Sobriety – Keep in touch and check in with people you trusted with your life details