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Oxycodone Treatment, Abuse and Rehab

What are oxycodones and how are they to abused?

This category of prescription drug is used medically to treat patients that suffer from acute pain due to injury. Prescription medication includes Roxicet, Percocet, Oxycontin, Opana, Oxir and many others. Though these drugs are used daily in hospitals around the country and are not believed to be addictive to most, the Nation Survey for Drug Use and Health found that an average of 11.4 million people over the age of 12 try a prescription pain reliever non-medically from 2002 to 2005.

Oxycodone abuse, addiction and the body’s system

Oxycodone drugs are members of the Opioid family and they relive pain by actually changing the way the user experiences pain. Opioids attach to specific proteins found in the spine, brain and gastrointestinal system called opioid receptors. When they attach, they produce a feeling of well-being or even euphoria, which can lead to some prescriptions users becoming addicted to the drug and seeking it out non-medically or abusing their prescriptions.

Traditionally, Oxycodone drugs are used as an analgesic for pain relief from physical injuries and are part of the Opioid family. The pills are taken orally in pill form or, in cases of abuse and addiction, they are crushed and the powder is either snorted or injected directly into the bloodstream. The methods of snorting or injecting oftentimes result in serious overdoses because Oxycodone drugs are meant to have a slow release delivery to the patient.

Oxycodone abuse and addiction

The resulting burst of pleasure from snorting (“tooting”) or shooting Oxycodone has earned the drug the street nickname “Hillbilly Heroin.” Other street names include Blue, Cotton, or OC. In fact, the use of Oxycodone as a substitute for heroin seems to be on the rise. SAMHSA studies from 2002 and 2003 show that lifetime users of Oxycodone are on the rise, while the rate of lifetime users of Heroin show no change. The rates of addicts using both Heroin and Oxycodone are steadily increasing as well.

A National Survey on Drug Use and Health Report shows Oxycodone, predominantly Oxycontin is dominantly used by Caucasians and its use is widely spread through all types of socioeconomic backgrounds, with a surprising amount (157,000) being reported in families with incomes over $75,000.

What are the side effects of oxycodone abuse?

Adverse side effects of Oxycodone use are drowsiness, constipation and, in more serious cases of drug abuse, respiratory depression. The last side effect is typical of what is seem in emergency room visits as a resulting of Oxycodone overdoses. The frequency of overdoses on Oxycodone is increasing at an alarming rate. A SAMHSA Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN) report showed an increase of emergency room visits due to Oxycodone of 450% from 1994 to 2002.

Oxycodone abuse, withdrawal rehab treatment

Users who have become physically dependant or are addicted to Oxycodone will experience withdrawal symptoms when they begin the process of quitting. These symptoms include restlessness, muscle and bone pain, diarrhea, insomnia, cold flashes, vomiting and involuntary leg spasms. It is recommended for users that are heavily addicted to Oxycodone that they go through a process of medically supervised detoxification.

If someone you know is suffering from addiction to Oxycodone, contact the compassionate staff at the florida rehab center Challenges. Our staff works diligently to make certain each of our clients is treated with dignity and respect. We want to give our clients the tools they need to help them identify their trigger mechanisms and. personal signs.

Our motto is that “Relapse Ends Here” and we provide support and assistance necessary to back that up. We have a wide variety of treatment programs available, including extended care transitional treatment full day/PHP Treatment, with or without structured living, group sessions, neurofeedback, intensive outpatient treatment, massage and yoga. We also offer ongoing services for our graduates and technology-enhanced aftercare.

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