Outpatient rehab for drug and alcohol treatment

The Intensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment Program at

Challenges Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Rehab Center and Relapse Prevention Center is an evening program which focuses on cutting-edge relapse treatment practices as well as basic chemical dependency education. Participants in this program meet three evenings per week over a twelve week period, for a total of 36 sessions. This also includes group and family sessions. All work is goal-oriented and participants meet – and often exceed – measurable outcomes.

Participation in the IE Outpatient includes:

  • Psychosocial Assessments and Family Therapy
  • Continuing Aftercare
  • Outpatient Medical Assessments
  • Chemical Dependency Education Series
  • Continuing Outcome Studies
  • Individual Case Management with Reporting
  • Lectures, Videos and Interactive Groups Focused on Relapse Prevention
  • Relapse Work Models, Books and All Other Materials Needed
  • Referral to Other Appropriate Local Recovery Resources as Needed

Sample Program Description

¤ Addictive Disease:

  • A Bio-Psycho-Social Disease
  • The Addiction Cycle
  • Recovery from Addictive Disease

¤ Post Acute Withdrawal

  • Post Acute Withdrawal Symptoms
  • Post Acute Withdrawal Episode
  • Stress and Post Acute Withdrawal

¤ Managing Post Acute Withdrawal

  • Support Systems
  • Healthful Living
  • Personal and Spiritual Growth

¤ The Recovery Process

  • Developmental Model of Recovery
  • Pretreatment, Stabilization & Early Recovery
  • Middle Recovery, Late Recovery & Maintenance

¤ Understanding Relapse

  • Expanding Your Concept of Relapse
  • Mistaken Beliefs about Relapse
  • The Relapse Syndrome

¤ Phases and Warning Signs of Relapse

  • Initial Relapse Signals
  • Emotional Signs of Relapse
  • Behavioral Manifestations of Relapse

¤ Relapse Prevention Planning

  • Stabilization, Assessment & Education
  • Warning Signs Management
  • Review of Recovery Program

¤ Family Involvement in Relapse Prevention Planning

  • Co-Addiction and Relapse
  • The Relapse Prevention Network
  • Family Relapse Prevention Planning