Our foundational philosophy of treatment is to provide dignified care with a holistic approach, combining mental health and substance abuse treatment in a coordinated, highly individualized and flexible treatment plan. We believe that the best interest of the client is served when a high degree of individual attention is provided within the framework of group process and education.

In order to accomplish this goal, Challenges offers a very high staff to patient ratio and a clinical team which is composed of  a wide variety of highly credentialed professionals all of whom  having substantial expertise in the treatment of  dual diagnosed, co-occurring and muti-occurring disorders.
The ease of transition into treatment varies from person to person and is often impacted by the degree of difficulty precipitating treatment and the symptoms one is experiencing. While some individuals come into care positive, optimistic, and ready to engage others may be anxious, resistant, and experiencing protracted withdraw symptoms.

Whatever the case may be, in Challenges thirteen plus years of operation we have experienced every scenario and are prepared to help. Our goal is to make this an environment that is calm, consistent, and conducive to recovery. Patients are in a non-restrictive program with only a few basic guidelines that we ask them to follow for the stability of the individual and the community. While Challenges is a non-punitive program, we are mindful of who does not behave in a manner that is conducive to recovery and attempt to modify that.