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Opana addiction treatment at Florida Drug Rehab Center – Challenges

Opana and Addiction treatment

Opana is a slightly different drug from oxycontin in that it’s main ingredient is oxymorphone hydrochloride. Oxycontin’s main ingredient is oxycodone, however, both drugs are members of the opioid family and derived from the same plant. Similar to oxycodone drugs, Opana and oxymorphone alleviate pain in patients by literally changing the way that users sense pain in the body.

Members of the opioid family help patients manage pain by attaching to opioid receptors in the gastrointestinal system, spinal cord and the brain. Once attached, they change the users typical sensations of pain or discomfort into pleasure or even euphoria. Other side effects can include dizziness, drowsiness and constipation. These are side effects that Opana causes in normal, prescribed use

One major difference between Opana and oxycodone prescriptions such as oxycontin is the time-release formula. While oxycontin has a time-release coating, crushing the pill into a powder can circumvent this. Opana’s formula is different, in that the time release is built-in to the drug itself, so users attempting to get a stronger high from crushing the pills and snorting or injecting it will not benefit from a faster high or euphoria.

Opana addiction, abuse and side affects

The result of the slow high can be non-medical users taken an overdose of the pill form in order to achieve a high. When the high is not reached immediately, a recreational user may assume their tolerance is higher and take more of the drug when, in fact, the drug dosage they end up taking may be lethal. Besides an increased risk of overdose, some of the long-term effects of Opana use may be anxiety, paranoia, seizures, irregular heart rate and high body temperature.

Many non-medial users try prescription drugs such as Opana innocently enough. There is a common misconception that prescription painkillers are less dangerous than illicit drugs such as heroin, but when abused, they can be just as deadly. This has not stopped prescription drugs from becoming the second most common drug category tried recreationally by Americans over the age of 12, according to a 2009 study performed by SAMHSA.

Prescription drugs such as Opana can also be easily obtained from doctors by a process known as “doctor shopping” where heavy users will visit more than one doctor in order to obtain several prescriptions for the same drug to feed their habit. Heavy users will likely develop a strong physical dependency on Opana that will require medical treatment in order to fully detox from the drug.

Recovering from Opana addiction?

Withdrawal symptoms from chemical dependency on Opana will generally last up to a week and usually peak between 48-72 hours after the drug was last used. The symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, cold flashes, restlessness, leg spasms and muscle and bone pain. Frequently recovering addicts will need the assistance of drugs such as methadone, which help patients to successful quit dependency on oxymorphone.

Opana addiction treatment and rehab at Challenges

Challenges drug rehab center in Florida is a nationally recognized center for the treatment of substance abuse, addictions, dual diagnoses and relapse prevention. Our treatment programs are specifically designed with the needs of the individual patient in mind.

If you or someone you love is struggling with a Opana addiction, we can help. If detox is needed, we can accommodate the needs of the client. The Challenges staff is ready to help! We always say that “Relapse Ends Here” and we provide support and assistance necessary to back that up.

We have a myriad of treatment options available, including neurofeedback, massage, yoga, group sessions, full day/PHP Treatment, with or without structured living, extended care transitional treatment and intensive outpatient treatment, We also offer alumni services and evening outpatient care.

We are one of the oldest addiction treatment and relapse prevention centers, not only in the State of Florida, but also in the United States, so you can trust our many years of experience.

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