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Methadone used in Addiction treatment

When patients are recovering from a wide variety of opiate addictions, including Oxycontin, Percocet or Vicodin, treatment centers prescribe Methadone to help wean users from the need to abuse opioids.

Methadone is designed to occupy the opioid receptors in the brain and central nervous system so that the body can find stability without the need for opiates such as Morphine or heroin. The drug is effective for between 24-36 hours and because it has also been found to be helpful during the detoxification process, many medical treatment facilities use it while patients are experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Methadone effectively blocks other opioids, but it does not provide the same high that recovering addict became accustomed to during their time using opioids such as hydrocodone or oxycodone.

It is believed that 20% of all heroin addicts are receiving Methadone treatments. These treatments are strictly enforced and control by the government. When taken long-term, the drug shows no harmful side effects on the liver, bones, brain or any other vital organs when taken as prescribed by a physician. Initially users may experience some drowsiness, constipation or change in libido, but once the doses are adjusted many patients find that they live life symptom free.

Methadone treatments have proven very success and studies show that outpatients have a decrease in weekly heroin use by 69% when they are receiving Methadone treatment.

How is methadone abused?

Unfortunately, for all the good methadone does to aid recovering addicts, the drug is still abused recreationally. Users will take the methadone tablet they are given at their doctor’s office or clinic and crush it to create a powder and snort the medicine that way to experience the immediate rush of the drug.

Many addicts report that the dosage is low enough that they cannot actually get the same level of high as they once did when they were severely abusing the drug, and will simply use the drug as a way to avoid withdrawal symptoms in between stronger opiate fixes.

What are the side effects of methadone addiction and abuse?

Since it is an opioid, side effects that can be experienced are similar to those of any other opiate drug. They include headache, vomiting, constipation, weight gain and more. Users may experience very severe side effects when abusing the drug and they include seizures, itching and rashes.

What are the withdrawal symptoms of methadone addiction?

Even though methadone is designed to lessen the severity of withdrawal symptoms from other opioids, it still carries with it similar symptoms if use is abruptly stopped. The symptoms include restlessness, vomiting, diarrhea, cold flashes and muscle and bone pain.

Methadone Addiction Treatment at Florida Rehab Center – Challenges

At Challenges, our treatment and rehab programs are specifically designed with the needs of the individual patient in mind. They include yoga, group sessions, full day/PHP Treatment, with or without structured living, extended care transitional treatment, neurofeedback, massage, and intensive outpatient treatment. We have ongoing alumni services for our graduates and aftercare to ensure continued recovery and support.

The Challenges staff is professional and compassionate and we are one of the oldest addiction treatment and relapse prevention centers in the United States and are located in the sunny state of Florida. If you or someone you love has a methadone addiction, we can help. If detox is needed, we can help the client through the difficult process.

Our motto is that “Relapse Ends Here!” We help our clients prepare a concrete plan for the future and for success as they move out of the program. We also give them the tools they need to help them identify their own particular warning signs and trigger mechanisms.

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