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Media overview for Challenges program drug rehab center and relapse prevention program

Challenges is known for its success in the area of relapse treatment and prevention from addictive and co-occurring disorders. Challenges uses highly individualized treatment plans to combat one of the biggest issues in addiction treatment—the high rate of relapse for clients struggling with addiction.

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About Challenges rehab center in Florida

Challenges is a nationally recognized “Center of Excellence” in relapse treatment and prevention and drug and alcohol addiction treatment. The Challenges program uses a wide variety of different approaches in their treatment programs including:
  • Technology Enhanced Recovery and Aftercare
  • Residential and Full Day/PHP Treatment
  • Extended Care Transitional Treatment
  • Intensive Out Patient Treatment (IOP/Evenings & Partial Day)
  • Flexible, Unique Individualized Treatment Plans
  • Alternative Therapies used as part of recovery process.
While Challenges is considered one of the finest facilities for relapse treatment and prevention, the center specializes in the treatment of adults for issues relating to chemical dependency, dual diagnosis and multi-occurring disorders.
Experts in Relapse Treatment and Prevention
The Challenges model represents a new and unique direction in relapse treatment and prevention. The program offers a wide variety of treatment levels which combine relapse prevention specialized care, traditional treatment plans, alternative care models, as well as AA/NA 12 Step Recovery.
Challenges has been recognized in the field of addiction recovery for relapse treatment and prevention:
  • Challenges is the first facility in the United States to provide intensive treatment of relapse as a specialty.
  • The Center of Excellence award for relapse treatment and prevention was given to Challenges by a leading international expert in the treatment of relapse, Terence Gorski. (Gorski-CENAPS).
Challenges is a private, state-licensed JCAHO and ACHA accredited addictions and mental health treatment center located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
Technology Enhanced Recovery
Challenges is working with some of the world’s leading technology research experts to create treatment support using new technology. The Challenges intensive continuing care support plan is called “Technology Enhanced Recovery”™.
This technology does not take the place of traditional forms of treatment. Instead, it greatly assists and enhances the ability of someone to maintain an active and healthy recovery as a critical component of relapse prevention.
The benefits of this new technology will provide recovering people with the opportunity to develop and maintain a much expanded and interactive support system in which the various components of technological support will be linked together by computer, by smart phone, through virtual world with biometrics and by other advanced technological means.


Accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations

Accredited by the ACHA – Agency for Health Care Administration

Challenges is a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business. Challenges has an A+ BBB rating.

Challenges is the first treatment center to have been awarded the prestigious national certification as a “Center of Excellence” in relapse treatment and prevention.
Challenges founder Dale Redlich is a member of the following organizations:
Member Emeritus of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers
Member of the Association of Invention Specialists

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