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Life Skills Training – Drug and Alcohol Recovery

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Part of a successful addition recovery program is learning how to live a life of drug abstinence once you have left your addiction treatment center. For many people struggling with addiction, there are some essential life skills must be re-learned. At Challenges Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Rehab Center and Relapse Prevention Center we know how important Life Skills training is in drug and alcohol recovery and, as a result, it’s an integral part of our recovery training process.

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation offers the alcoholic or addict a chance to get clean in a safe and monitored environment. Often the client becomes reliant upon that monitoring to keep him or her from returning to her former using behaviors. Once this monitoring is removed, many clients find that they are not sure how to monitor themselves or how to get themselves into a regular, drug-free routine.

The transition from life in rehab to life in the “regular world” is difficult for many recovering persons and they have put together the Life Skills program to help them both cope with that transition and learn how to continue leading a drug free life outside of rehab.

Here are some of the things that are covered in the Challenges Life Skills Program:

Finding Aftercare and Outpatient Services. While there are some recovering persons who are able to shift seamlessly from life in in-patient rehab to a drug abstinent lifestyle “on the outside” there are just as many who have trouble making the transition. The Life Skills Program at Challenges will provide recovering people with information on the aftercare and outpatient drug rehabilitation programs that are available in the area that the client will be residing after treatment.

Goal Setting and Time Management. After leaving treatment with a regiment schedule often the recovering person struggles with goal setting and time management. It has been our experience that they feel as though that time away has been lost. They leave treatment with the intention of rushing around and getting their affairs back in order. But often enough what happens is they become overwhelmed.

Balance. At Challenges, we work with the client how to prioritize their daily tasks as to lower the stress involved with accomplishing what is important. It is important for the recovering person to find a healthy balance in their life be it work, school or volunteering their time.

Life after rehab is a challenge. Our Life Skills Program teaches the recovering person how to deal with everyday life, stay healthy and build a future-all while staying sober.

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