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Intervention for drug and alcohol addiction

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Center for drug and alcohol intervention -
How to do an intervention – Intervention help and programs

Individuals in the midst of active drug or alcohol addiction normally engage in a variety of self destructive behaviors. Although baffling to friends and family members, such people generally either aren’t aware on a conscious level that they have an addiction problem (being chemically dependant), or even when they know they have a problem they may cling to the false belief that the problem will somehow go away without any outside help. This is denial and addiction intervention strategies are needed.

When alcohol and drug dependency (as well as untreated or mistreated mental illness) adversely affect an individuals life and their family they generally attempt to hide their problem and deny that they need help. Left to their own devices such people continue to spiral downward and face more and more serious consequences from their addictive behavior of abusing drugs or alcohol and may need intervetnion help from an intervention center program and counseling.

There is an old saying that you cannot help an alcoholic or drug addict until they want help. That statement is really not true because addiction interventions can bring about revelations needed to help the addict take the next step. An intervention strategy can help someone who for all intents and purposes does not want help. An drug, alcohol or substance abuse intervention can stop a person from continuing to engage in behaviors which will take them lower and lower.

Intervention generally involves a process in which a skilled professional facilitator, working together with a group of family, friends, employer and/ or co workers (or other people who may know the person who needs help and have had an opportunity to observe that persons behavior) confront the person in need of help for the purpose of breaking down that persons denial and motivating them to immediately seek treatment for their addiction.

Challenges intervention center staff members are highly experienced in intervention counseling, and intervention strategies and we are available to assist families and other concerned people to help and ‘motivate” someone caught in the grip of active addiction surrender to their need for treatment. Call to find out how to do an intervention to help someone struggling with an addiction.

Challenges can also refer you to one of a network of expert independent intervention counselors and professionals in any locale required, nationally or internationally.

For more information on interventions for drug abuse and addiction and alcohol abuse and addiction, please call us at your earliest convenience:

Call Toll Free and ask for intervention help at (888 )755-3334

Our local intervention phone number is (954) 917-3334

Or contact us using the contact form on our website and we will contact you immediately for counseling.

All Inquiries are completely confidential.

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