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Inpatient Drug Rehab Center and residential inpatient treatment

Not all drug rehab programs are created equally. Inpatient drug rehab centers specialize in treating long-term addictions and provide a solid foundation for physical and psychological detoxification from drugs. Since drug addiction affects the entirety of an addict’s experience, it’s important for them to get away from it all in order to heal within a controlled environment. When people with ubstance abuse addiction are taken out of familiar surroundings and life stressors that keep them in the cycle of addiction, it’s easier for them to break through and make necessary changes.

Inpatient rehab centers also known as residential inpatient treatment centers provide the 24/7 support that your loved one needs as they go through the physical detoxification, and the following psychological therapy. This constant support can help your friend or family member make the necessary breakthroughs that they need in order to stay off drugs in the future.

Elements of Successful Inpatient Drug Rehab Centers

When you decide to seek help for substance abuse ad drug addiction treatment, you have many choices for a Florida rehab center. Choosing the right Florida inpatient drug rehab can make the difference in their success rate.

Typically, inpatient rehab centers will have several phases of care that will guide patients from dependence on drugs to a new outlook on life:

  • First, they will get treatment for their addiction. This will include physical detoxification from the drug as well as initial psychological therapy. Patients may have individual or group sessions to help them face the issues that led to their drug addiction and uncover any lingering feelings that would lead to relapse. Be sure that the inpatient rehab center you select offers onsite therapy and ask about the types of therapy that they offer.
  • Next, a patient will go through sober living training to help them create a new life without drug addiction. This may cover basic living skills like balancing a checkbook or smart grocery shopping all the way through to more advanced topics like interpersonal relationships. The goal of this phase of treatment is to give patients all of the skills and habits that they will need in order to overcome their addiction in the long term.
  • Finally, most inpatient drug rehab centers will have an outpatient therapy component as well. This phase of treatment will help patients transition from living at the inpatient rehab center to the outside world. A patient will be able to get the ongoing support that they need in order to stick with their new attitudes, behaviors and skills when they are back in their old environment.

If a friend or family member is dealing with a crippling drug addiction, you may feel powerless to help them. Fortunately, inpatient drug rehab centers can your loved one break their physical addiction and deal with the psychological factors that contribute to drug abuse.

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