Addiction treatment for professionals – Impaired professionals rehab program

addiction treatment for professionalsAt Challenges Addiction Treatment and Relapse Prevention Center, we have firsthand experience at working with professionals in a wide variety of disciplines who need help – either for themselves or for their families.

Our Impaired Professionals treatment programs are designed to address the specific issues that arise for certain types of professionals, including:

  • Physicians
  • Nurses
  • Other Health Care Professionals
  • Airline personnel
  • Attorneys and Other Licensed Professionals
  • Business Executives

We focus not only on issues related to inappropriate use of or addiction to alcohol or drugs, but also on other self-defeating addictive behaviors and co-occurring mental health difficulties. We believe in the importance of professionals maintaining and improving their own health, wellness and recovery as well as addressing behavioral health issues.

Our program for professionals is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary treatment process created to meet the individual needs of the professional and his or her family.

We provide specialized therapeutic groups for professionals, in which they can receive support and assistance among other individuals who may share similar experiences. Our aftercare planning provides assistance in making referrals to professional peer support groups where the individual can receive support and mentorship from other professionals who may have  struggled with addiction or similar difficulties.

In cases where the professional has been asked by their licensing board or agency to undertake addiction treatment, our professional treatment team will communicate to the licensing agency what recommendations have been made and will complete any documentation required by the agency.