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Drug Treatment in Florida and Alcohol Treatment in Florida may be the best state for recovery.

Trying to locate the best environemt for a drug or alcohol addiction treatment center can be a difficult task. Not only are you trying to solve a major problem that is affecting the life of your loved one, you may be facing a life or death situation and want the best location that will aid in their recovery. Getting help immediately is important but it’s also essential to find a center that has the environment, services and experience that will make a difference for your friend or family member.

This is why rehab centers for drug and alcohol treatment in Florida are a good fit.
Statistics show that those who suffer with drug or alcohol addiction have a much greater rate of success if they go to a treatment center that is away from their home environment and provide new, healthy and inviting living conditions that can somewhat substitute an addiction. Also, visiting a relaxing, inviting location such as South Florida’s tropic environment for treatment can help patients gain the perspective that they need to turn their lives around.
Our Ft. Lauderdale drug and alcohol rehab center for addiction treatment has a number of benefits compared to your other choices for a treatment center. We are located seaside in Ft. Lauderdale , one of the most popular vacation destinations in the United States. Pristine beaches, tropical weather and a relaxed attitude on Ft. Lauderdale beach makes it a great location to gain new perspective on life all while living in a supervised residence and a controlled atmosphere of sobriety.

Choosing the Right Florida Alcohol Rehab or Drug Rehab center for treatment

Even if you’ve already decided that a Florida alcohol rehab or drug rehab facility is right for your loved one, you still have an important decision to make. There are several different facilities in Broward, Miami- Dade and Palm Beach counties so there are a few different factors to consider:

  • Drug and alcohol rehab centers should provide comprehensive support and assistance for the multi-layered process of beating addiction. Treatment options should include physical help with beating addiction, like medical assisted detoxification. This process can help remove the physical dependence on drugs or alcohol that makes it so difficult to quit.
  • Qualified Florida alcohol rehab or drug rehab centers should also have behavioral therapy that helps patients get to the heart of what caused their problems in the first place. Cognitive behavioral therapy can help patients come to understand the thoughts, feelings and behavior that contribute to their addiction and trigger drug or alcohol abuse. Without therapy, a patient may turn back to drinking or drugs in order to relieve temporary pain.
  • If a patient is experiencing an underlying mental illness or other problem – like bipolar disorder or depression – a detoxification center can help treat both the addiction and the illness at the same time. Dual diagnosis treatment can help patients tackle both the addiction and their underlying issue. Getting help for both issues can help increase the chances of their success.

In addition, an alcohol and drug rehab facility should have documented success stories that can give you peace of mind. Success stories can help you rest assured that their counselors, treatments and methods work in the long term for people just like your loved ones. We are nationally recognized for our success rate and stellar programs and staff and even more importantly we are nationally recognized for our relapse prevention programs that keep our clients sober long after they have left our treatment center.

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