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Rehab financing for drug addiction treatment

rehab financing
Challenges offers quality addiction treatment and affordable financing at our Florida rehab centers.

Addiction happens to ordinary, average people – most times when they least expect it.
At Challenges Addiction Treatment Center, we know how to help patients get on the road to a successful recovery, and we’re especially adept at helping them stay there.

The demand for drug and alcohol abuse treatment has grown rapidly and, combined with the economic downturn of recent years, families often find themselves struggling with the affordability of treatment. We offer treatment financing to help with the costs associated with drug and alcohol treatment. There are a wide variety of financing options available, which can help make the process of affording treatment a reality for those who need it.

The process is simple. Just contact us directly at 1-888-670-5486 and we’ll get the ball rolling. We understand that treatment for drug and alcohol addiction is the only option when it comes to surviving addiction and we are here to help families in every financial position.

Terms & Options
You can chose from payment options that fit your budget and your financial needs. Flexible payment options are available and loan length and terms are designed to suit your specific financial situation. Loan payments are payable by cash, check, money order, check-by-phone, credit card or even via direct withdrawal programs which make the process paperless.

Please call us now at 1-888-670-5486 to start the process and get on your way to the addiction treatment you need.

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