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FAQ for addiction treatment at Challenges drug rehab center in Florida

How much does addiction treatment cost and is it covered by insurance?

The fees for treatment vary depending on length of stay and program. Clients enter treatment on different levels, so a single fee is not reflective for all clients. Frequently, private insurance carriers cover a large percentage of care and Challenges also offers a variety of different financing options for addiction treatment.

Click here to review all of the insurance providers you can use for your treatment we work with. If your carrier isn’t mentioned, don’t stop there. Call us at 1-888-670-5486 or fill out the contact form and we’ll be happy to check. We update our list of carriers often, but don’t assume that because yours isn’t listed, that we don’t work with them.

Please call our trained admissions personnel to discuss these issues or any other questions at 1-888-670-5486 on a 24 hour basis, 7 days a week.

Can I have visitors dusring my treatment?

Visitation and day passes are available pursuant to review by your therapist and the clinical team. We encourage family members and loved ones to participate in our family program to support additional contact.

Can I bring my cell phone or laptop to residential rehab?

These items can be very distracting and preclude focus in the initial stages of treatment — as such, we recommend leaving them at home. However, you will be able to make and receive calls every day by having access to a phone in your residence. You may also request access to a computer with the approval of your therapist.

Can I bring my medications to the treatment facility?

Bring all the medications you are taking to sustain good health. Our medical, psychiatric and nursing staff will evaluate them and oversee your compliance. All medications are secured by our staff.

What should I bring when I go to your rehab center?

We recommend a week’s worth of clothing as there are free washers and dryers located conveniently in your residence. Linens, pillows, blankets and towels are provided for you. Any toiletries you bring must be alcohol free. IPOD and MP3 players are permitted, but they may not be bundle devices.

Is there ongoing support and aftercare for recovery after I complete my treatment?

Our Continuing Plan Staff ensure that a complete continuing care plan is clearly defined and articulated for you and your family. The plan integrates the medical/psychiatric, clinical team, continuing care staff and, when appropriate, the family and the client’s home therapist. Ongoing support and aftercare vary based on the needs of each individual, but might include transitional living/ halfway house recommendations and participation in 12-step recovery meetings and individual and group therapy sessions, as well as participation in aftercare meetings at no cost for as long as you may wish to attend.

What is the Daily Treatment Schedule Like?

The daily schedule at Challenges is designed to provide a full range of treatment services for each client. It’s designed to offer a combination of services, including specialized services, which are individually tailored to the specific needs of each client and their respective treatment plans. The schedule includes various forms of group therapy, individual therapy, specialized group interaction, specialized relapse prevention therapy, specialized pain management therapy, recreation, specialized trauma counseling, nutritional counseling, aftercare preparation, natural wellness holistic care, nursing, medical and psychiatric care, as well as many other types of therapeutic offerings. Each client participates in the formulation of their own detailed individualized treatment plan.

Will I have access to use the Challenges Technology Enhanced Recovery Program to help my treatment and continuing aftercare?

The short answer to this question is “yes.” Our smartphone technology program for aftercare allows our clients to utilize the most advanced real time recovery support program available anywhere. The program utilizes a complete menu of support and communication system technology to provide real time linking of a recovering person with his or her support group, therapist, monitoring organization (such as an EAP), etc. This is done via GPS and other advanced technological systems, all incorporated into a smartphone app. This technology is designed to maximize a person’s chances for a successful recovery as a direct and important component of our relapse prevention focus.

Will I have to attend 12 Step Meetings?

The treatment approach at Challenges does incorporate some 12 step recovery principles, although not strictly limited to that philosophy. 12 step recovery is one of the many foundational elements of our program, and we recognize that it is suitable and appropriate for some clients, but not for others. With this in mind, our clinical team will typically recommend some attendance at 12 step meetings as a part of the treatment process. This is because research proves that self help meetings have proven to be contribute to the recovery of a significant number of people over the course of the past 75 years. However, at the same time, we recognize that “one size does not ever fit all,” especially when it comes to recovery. As such, we provide support and access to other types of outside community oriented self help meetings, including spiritually oriented ones. We also provide support and access to meetings that might be categorized as “alternative,” if that is what is ultimately determined to be the most helpful for a particular client’s recovery. Our treatment policy is flexible. We work with each individual client to ascertain which community-based resources might best serve their individual needs.

Is the Staff and the Facility Credentialed and Licensed?

Challenges Addiction Treatment and Relapse Prevention Center is licensed in the State of Florida by the Department of Children and Family Services (DCF), as an addiction treatment provider, and also holds an AHCA license (Agency for Health Care Administration) by the State of Florida as a Mental Health Treatment provider. Challenges is also accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations (JCAHO). Additionally, the clinical staff at Challenges is highly credentialed and includes licensed and certified addiction therapists, mental health therapists, psychologists, physicians, psychiatrists and nurses, as well as credentialed spiritual advisors, nutritionalists and other specialists in wellness and holistic care. Read more about our credentials and certifications here.

Will I get the attention I need in groups and in individual treatment sessions?

At Challenges we limit the number of patients who can be in treatment at any one time in order to provide each patient with the highest degree of individual attention possible. Patient to staff ratios are low and therapy groups are kept small so as to create a personal, safe and intimate setting. Our focus is to provide each patient with the opportunity to receive as much individual attention from the staff as possible, whether in groups or in individual therapy sessions.

What if I am coming to Challenges Florida rehab center from out of state?

Many of our clients come to us from outside the State of Florida. After an admission is confirmed and travel arrangements have been made, we will provide transportation and staff to pick up a client at the airport and bring them to our facility (as well as for the return ride home). Some clients request or need to have a recovery escort to help them travel and, if that’s required, we will also make those arrangements.

Can I leave the rehab center or residential rehab while I’m in treatment?

With the exception of passes that are provided and approved by the staff, clients may typically not leave the facility without an accompanying staff member. An approved pass might include clients being permitted to leave the facility and go out with family for therapeutic reasons. Clients are generally permitted to leave the facility as a group for recreational activities, shopping, trips to the movies, the beach or other entertainment destinations, all under the supervision of the Challenges staff.

Will I have my own room in residential rehab?

The accommodations for residential clients two bedroom, two bath, upscale condominium-type apartments. Depending on the number of clients in treatment at any given time, typically all clients will have a roommate, so as to promote recovery bonding and avoid isolative behaviors. We have created a community of recovery which is best served by group involvement and support. In some cases, for specific reasons, whether medical or otherwise, exceptions to this policy can be made.

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