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Extended Care Drug Treatment Rehab

At Challenges Addiction Treatment and Relapse Prevention Center, we offer an extended care drug treatment and addiction treatment program. This program provides a continuing length of stay for additional relapse prevention treatment and for resolution of issues which could not be addressed adequately during an initial 30 day treatment stay. Some clients will enter the extended care program after completion of the Challenges 30-day relapse treatment program and some will enter extended care after having been referred to Challenges after completion of a primary care program at another facility.

The length of stay in the Extended Care Program is variable and determined solely by the particular history, needs and progress of each individual client. The typical length of stay may be 60, 90, 120 days or longer as recommended by the treatment team with full participation of the client and family.

This program allows clients enough time to work on the entire range of potential relapse issues and triggers as may be necessary, based upon each individual’s history and their individual assessment and needs.

The Extended Care Program is appropriate for medically stable adults who are maintaining their sobriety.

During the extended stay at Challenges, each client will continue to meet with his or her treatment team for the purpose of modifying and adjusting the treatment plan as the clinical picture evolves. The client will continue to receive personality testing, psychiatric and medical oversight and therapeutic care from his or her primary therapist as well as the treatment team as a whole.

The comprehensive treatment plans encompass all of the various risk factors which may be affecting or could affect a client’s recovery. The treatment plan for the continued treatment of addiction to alcohol,cocaine, oxycontin, opiates, prescription medication, methamphetamine, heroin, ecstasy, crack, club drugs, and others, as well as dual diagnosed and co-occurring disorders such as bipolar, depression, PTSD, ADD/ADHD, anxiety, affective and other mood and personality disorders is founded in a behavioral/cognitive framework and is goal-oriented, flexible and highly individualized.

At Challenges, we provide care for as long as our patients need it. And we’re proud of our reputation that relapse ends here.

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