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Dual diagnosis treatment and rehab for addiction and mental health

Dual diagnosis treatment and depression

Challenges Program for dual diagnosis center in Florida focuses on treating mental health and addiction simultaneously. Since is there is no blood test to diagnose depression, there are well-developed guidelines used by health care professionals to diagnose major depressive disorder. Your health care professional may ask you questions based on this established diagnostic tool.
Diagnosed when five or more of the following symptoms of depression are present for most of the day, nearly every day for at least 2 weeks.
At least one of the symptoms must be either persistent sad or “empty” feelings or loss of interest in activities, Constant sadness, Irritability, Hopelessness,Trouble sleeping, Low energy or fatigue, Feeling Worthless or guilty for no reason, Significant weight change, Difficulty concentrating, Loss of interest in favorite activities

Treatment programs for dual diagnosis, addiction rehab and mental health

Dual Diagnosis treatment programs at Challenges addresses the severity and intensity of each client’s mental health/substance abuse, affective disorders, personality traits and other factors such as chronic pain and trauma related issues. Clients will learn about medication education and how brain chemistry plays a major role in their recovery from addiction and goal of life long sobriety. Challenges Program approach to therapy is holistic and focuses on relapse care, identifying the importance of how a client’s physical, mental/emotional, social and spiritual well-being is affected by the positive changes being made.
Upon admission to Challenges each client undergoes an extensive and detailed medical and psychiatric assessment before rehab treatment for underlying mental health issues which may be causing or contributing to the client’s history and which may be acting in concert with other addictive disorders, compulsive behaviors and chemical dependency to negatively impact upon the client’s state of health and future prognosis.When a client is found to be suffering a dual diagnosed disorder such as bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder or depression, they are given the opportunity to address these issues during treatment, thereby creating the potential for understanding and resolution. By combining Relapse Prevention and the latest research regarding co-occurring disorders, the client gets a comprehensive approach to a potentially debilitating disorder. Clinically, we work with a client’s defense mechanisms, attempting to assist the client in shedding their false self and allow their true self to emerge.

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