Drug and alcohol addiction treatment especially for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning (LGBTQ)

addiction treatment for LGBTQ

A 21st Century sensitive approach to drug and alcohol addiction treatment for our LGBTQ friends.

The team at Challenges South Florida drug rehab center and relapse prevention center is cognizant of the issues facing LGBTQ clients and the most effective strategies for addressing them. As a result, we have designed a program that is not only empathic, but also informed, effective, and ethical for our LBGTQ clients. It is our belief that best results are achieved by integrating our LGBTQ clients with others suffering from addiction and/or co-occurring disorders.

The Challenges Addiction Treatment program is based on research that indicates creating a safe and welcoming environment for LGBTQ clients is an essential component of successful recovery. Often many treatment programs in the U.S. fail to provide this. When individuals are in the “closet” while in treatment, they are often not successful at treatment; instead, they are worrying if the other clients “know” or will “find out.” At Challenges, LGBTQ clients are encouraged to be “out” in a manner that is appropriate with their respective comfort levels and we respect the choices of those individuals, as do our other clients.

Challenges Addiction Treatment and Relapse Prevention Center combines cutting-edge relapse prevention treatment with a multitude of evidence-based therapies. We also use a holistic approach based upon a 12-step foundation.

Each client at Challenges receives an individualized treatment plan. The program operates on the disease concept model and utilizes cognitive behavioral, experiential and motivational therapies. Each client participates in a mix of group and individual therapies. Some of our specialized offerings include neurofeedback, trauma, anger management, yoga, tai chi, relapse court, nutrition, spirituality, and more, resulting in a comprehensive treatment approach that can be individually tailored for an optimal outcome.

While at Challenges, clients are under the care of a psychiatrist with an additional certification as an addictionologist, which ensures that the client receives the highest level of co-occurring and pharmacological care.

Challenges has demonstrated a long-time commitment to serving the LGBTQ client, creating a safe space for LGBTQ individuals to examine their behaviors and seek the necessary help to put them on the path to recovery.

Additional Support

• Clients are given the opportunity to attend outside LGBTQ 12-step meetings.
• Clients are provided with one-on-one therapy sessions to address specific issues about which they are not comfortable discussing in groups.
• Clients have access to available “out” staff members who are in long-term recovery.
• Significant others can be included in family sessions, family program, and passes.

Regardless of your sexual orientation, know that the staff of Challenges is here to ensure you receive the treatment and support you need to facilitate a successful recovery.

No matter who you are,
No matter your addiction,
No matter how many times you have failed.
Challenges is here.

For inquiries on our LGBTQ program, please contact Craig Benoit at