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Crack Recovery and Crack Treatment in Rehab

Although not everyone who abuses crack cocaine (“crack”) becomes dependent on it, crack addiction is a real problem that requires medical attention. Crack treatment and rehab is the safest way for addicts to recover from the drug. Crack treatment rehab centers can give addicts the physical and psychological distance that they need from their environment so they can heal and start living without the drug’s influence on their life.

With medical and psychological care, abusers can break their crack addiction and zero in on the core issues that lead them to rely on drugs to cope.

Crack Addiction
Look for the following signs and symptoms to identify a crack cocaine addict:

  • Rapid weight loss – Addicts often forget to eat and the drug also boosts metabolism, which can contribute to quick weight loss.
  • Financial troubles – Although crack is relatively inexpensive compared to other drugs, users need to increase their dosage to get the same high. Over time, their habit becomes more and more expensive. Addicts will spend all that they have on the drug.
  • Obsession and paranoia – Crack cocaine distorts a person’s ability to see the truth in their lives. They become obsessed with getting more of the drug and very anxious when they don’t have it. They avoid anything not related to crack cocaine and become suspicious of people who they perceive will want them to stop.
  • Violent behavior – Crack cocaine addicts can become violent very quickly, especially if they think their drug supply is in jeopardy.

If you have a friend or a loved one who is suffering from and living with a crack cocaine addiction, you may feel powerless to help them. Crack cocaine is physically and psychologically addicting, so it is very difficult for addicts to come off of the drug themselves.

Crack treatment and recovery in rehab

During the intake process, patients will arrive at the facility and get a room assignment. They’ll get a facility tour and settle into their surroundings. They’ll then typically get medical diagnostic testing completed so the facility has a baseline for their drug use and physical health. New patients will meet with a physician in order to discuss their history and a psychologist as well.

Next comes the detox phase. Crack cocaine detoxing is physically and mentally difficult – but the staff is prepared to help your loved one overcome the detox symptoms. After detoxing is complete, their crack cocaine rehab program will start. The facility may use a traditional 12 step program, holistic therapies, family counseling, fitness and nutritional help or a combination of all of these methods to help patients overcome their crack addiction and put their lives back together.

Crack cocaine rehab can be just the thing that your friend or family member needs to put their life back together. Understanding the steps that your loved one will go through in crack rehab will help you make the right decision for their future.

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