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Codependency recovery, treatment of codependency and symptoms of codependency

What is codependency?
Codependence (also referred to as: co-dependence, codependency and co-dependency) describes a person or a situation in which one Person A’s care for Person B is too much, unreasonable, inappropriate or as damaging as Person B’s initial behavior or addiction.

Also referred to as enabling behavior or an enabler, codependency usually creates a pattern in which destructive behavior such as alcohol or drug addiction continues in large part due to the enabling environment. If addiction or substance abuse is part of the co-dependency equation, the addict may come to rely on the enabling behavior in order to continue his or her own addictive behavior.

Addiction and codependency
Diseases such as alcoholism or drug abuse often affect more than the one person who is using. They often spread to family, friends and loved ones who take care of the addict in one of many ways. Living with someone who is an alcohol or substance abuser can be tough, to say the least. The co-dependent definition also includes adults who grew up in a household in which chronic emotional stress was present. In addition to alcoholism, this could include chemical dependency, mental illness, physical illness, abuse (physical, sexual or emotional) and/or hyper-criticism.

When left to continue untreated over months or years, the codependent enabler, who often needs to feel needed, may fear losing his role as caretaker and in fact may sabotage or block the addict’s recovery in an effort to retain the role of “helper.”

Here are the most common symptoms of codependency in individuals

  • Low self-worth or self-esteem
  • Care-taking nature
  • Repression of feelings
  • Depression
  • Controlling behavior in this and other relationships
  • Denial
  • Dependency
  • Anger
  • Lack of boundaries

It is important to keep in mind that traits such as compassion or empathy do not, on their own, necessarily create a codependent situation. We take care of others and they take care of us. Certain groups, such as newborns and some elderly, require a heightened level of caretaking and vigilance on the part of the caretakers.

If you or someone you know is suffering from alcoholism or drug abuse – or codependency related to either – there are treatment options available, not only to the drug- or alcohol-dependent person in the scenario, but also to the co-dependent individual as well. Counseling and rehab options may focus on teaching skills in crucial areas such as coping skills, listening, boundary-setting and communication. The treatment for co-dependency may also focus on increasing awareness of actions and behaviors that are not positive or serving of you or your relationship. There are also self-groups for codependency, known as CODA groups, as well as ACA (Adult Children of Alcoholics).

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