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Alcoholics Anonymous in recovery for alcohol abuse and addiction

AA was the first of the 12-step recovery programs and prompted the creation of dozens of other similar programs. There are over 100,000 AA groups worldwide, and approximately 2 million members. For people who are struggling with alcohol addiction, Alcoholics Anonymous can be very a effective structured, supportive environment that they need to overcome their problems and a sustained recovery which also helps in relapse prevention.

The Alcoholics Anonymous 12-step program consists of a dozen principles that alcoholics work through in order to overcome their problems and put their lives around together. Groups get together daily, a couple times a week or weekly to offer tremendous support and help each other go through the steps.

Is Alcoholics Anonymous for Everyone?

For many people, AA is a good fit for their needs. It provides the regular support and guidance that they need to gain control over their lives. Belief in a “higher power” and reliance on the higher power for support is an important part of AA. Even those who do not believe in god come to relaize that they are not the highest power on earth and to believe in a higher power gives them the faith and humility needed to overcome personality defects that are important in the recovery process.

Additionally, AA has the perspective that addiction is a chronic disease that never goes away. No matter how long someone has been sober, they are required to admiot to themselves they are an alcoholic. This is an important step to realize that it only takes one drink to relapse and have their lives become out of control again.
AA is an outpatient recovery program that is totally optional. Participants are encouraged to find a sponsor to guide them through the process, work through the 12 steps of recovery and also lean on them as a counselor who shares their experience strength and hope in a regular basis which is an imprtant part of not having to do it alone.

For someone dealing with a lifelong addiction and needing to detoxify from alcohol and other substances, in the beginning this is a support mechanisim before having it act as a long-term solution. Inpatient alcohol rehab may is critical in this case as one may need crefully monitored detox, counseling and other professional services that only a rehab facility can provide.

The Benefits of Alcoholics Anonymous

One major benefit to Alcoholics Anonymous is the cost. AA groups are free and there are no fees involved for support. However, at the end of the meeting a basket is passed around to collect donations. Donations are completely optional but they help support the service structure of AA.
Alcoholics Anonymous meetings can be open or closed. Closed groups can only be attended by people who want to stop drinking, while open groups can be attended by anyone interested in the 12 steps such as a family member, or supportive friend.

AA groups are supportive, friendly and welcoming. After the opening reading of the AA preamble in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, members will share their stories of abuse, how it affected their lives and what they are doing to overcome their problems. Sometimes there are guest speakers which focus on one of the 12 steps.
In addition to local groups, like Alcoholics Anonymous in Fort Lauderdale and Miami, there are also Alcoholics Anonymous online groups where people can meet together in a virtual environment. If transportation is a problem for people, online meetings are a great option, but almost always are AA members eagerly available to assist in helping provide rides to meetings.

Alcoholics Anonymous is a very good, proven plan for people struggling with alcoholism. If your loved one needs the support of other alcoholics who know what it is lke and have overcome their addiction, find a group in your local area and attend an open meeting with them or have them just go to a meeting and sit and listen, chances are they will indentify with those around them and find the support, recovery plan and friendship they have been seeking.

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