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drug and alcohol addiction Recovery

florida drug rehab patient in therapy

How Drug Rehab Programs help addicts recover and detox.

Aug 21st, 2012 | By

When drug abuse takes over a friend or family member’s life, it can be difficult to deal with…to say the least. The person that you thought you knew is suddenly replaced with someone who is distant, unstable and destructive. You want to help, but aren’t sure how. Coming to a decision about your friend or family member’s care can be hard to make in the moment. There are so many
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Intimacy Impacts Depression

Feb 18th, 2011 | By

Television broadcaster, Ryan Lefebvre struggled with the demons of depression for years before the bottom finally fell out. After an afternoon grilling with friends, he found himself terrified, sobbing uncontrollably in the corner of his closet. It was at this moment he realized that he needed help to find his way out this dark chapter of his life. Through therapy, medication and self-discovery Ryan learned to manage his depression. According
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Doing What You Love: A Key To Recovery?

Feb 16th, 2011 | By

Many recovery programs urge addicts to focus on the program and recovery and not on other ‘distractions’ while on the road to rehabilitation. Recent research shows that the power of life’s meaning and purpose helps addicts in the recovery process. Without key sources of meaning and purpose – like children, relationships and productive work – it’s not unusual for addicts to have difficulty staying clean. The Rolling Stones guitarist,,
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The Socialization of Drinking and Recovery

Feb 7th, 2011 | By

Alcohol is a part of many social interactions, and alcoholics in recovery and Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) need a good level of social support. senior writer, John Cloud states, “…drinkers are less likely to die than people who don’t drink…One important reason is that alcohol lubricates so many social interactions, and social interactions are vital for maintaining mental and physical health.” Social connection is an essential to humans. We form
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Neurofeedback for Addiction Relapse Prevention

Feb 2nd, 2011 | By

A series of promising studies since the 1970s have shown that neurofeedback, also known as biofeedback, can helpprevent relapse in patients recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. Neurofeedback is the process of training a person to control his or her own brainwaves. Using monitors that show the patient how brainwaves are changing, the patient is trained to consciously create the brainwave patterns that are best for his or her health
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