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Archive for July, 2010

Babies Who Get Motherly Affection Less Stressed as Adults

Jul 29th, 2010 | By

New research suggests that mothers who give their babies substantial love and affection have children that grow up to be less stressed or anxious adults. The interaction between mothers and their infant children was rated by a psychologist when the children were eight months old in the 1960s. The researchers reconnected with more than half of the participants in the late 1990s, when the children were then 34 years old
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Mental Health Organization Critical of BP

Jul 28th, 2010 | By

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) has sharply criticized BP for ignoring Louisiana’s plea for assistance in funding mental health care in communities affected by the BP oil spill. “It is imperative that BP recognize the urgent mental health crisis that has been created by the oil spill, including the heightened risk of long-term, chronic mental illness triggered by immediate conditions,” wrote NAMI Executive Director Michael Fitzpatrick in a
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Getting Sober: Three Critical But Simple Factors

Jul 22nd, 2010 | By

When discussing getting sober or how to get and stay sober, there is three simple factors involved: you, yourself. What are you bringing to the table? Secondly, recognizing the problem, the seriousness of it, and coming to accept the only solution, dad of total abstinence. Lastly, getting the help he needed in the short run and in the long run. 1. Only you can provide the motivation, the internal determination,
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Software for Detecting Depression in Blogs

Jul 1st, 2010 | By

Researchers at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (Israel) have developed software that detects whether or not the author is depressed. The software scanned more than 300,000 English-language blogs posted to mental health websites. The program identified the 100 most depressed and 100 least depressed bloggers. As a way to independently verify the software’s findings, a panel of four clinical psychologists reviewed the findings. They said that they agreed with 78
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How to do an Intervention

Jul 1st, 2010 | By

Think about the numberof times the person you are concerned about may have heard the advice that he or she stop using drugs and / or drinking and ignored it., are you thinking of organizing and intervention ? Organizing a drug and alcohol intervention for a loved one is not a task to be taken lightly. If the person you are trying to help has lost control over their drug
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