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Archive for March, 2009

Drug Abuse

Mar 17th, 2009 | By

Alert to Pharmacists about Possible Fraudulent Prescriptions The Board of Pharmacy has received information from DEA and other sources that carloads of patients from Kentucky, Tennessee, and Ohio, are going to see physicians and pain management centers in Florida, specifically in Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale. The patients are being issued prescriptions for Oxycodone and other Schedule II narcotics, primarily Roxcicodone. The patients are stopping at pharmacies, primarily in Western
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Alcohol Treatment

Mar 16th, 2009 | By

Am I an Alcoholic? Alcoholism is perhaps the only health condition recognized as a disease, in most cases the person who is actively drinking will usually be able to diagnose themselves. Only the drinker themselves can determine whether they are a real alcoholic or someone who at times drinks a little too much. Here are some questions that might help to take a honest look at your drinking behavior: 1.
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Relapse Treatment

Mar 5th, 2009 | By

From the Clinical Corner at Challenges The Importance of Continuing Care in Maintaining Sobriety and Stability Relapse has a high percentage rate for clients who leave residential treatment and do not continue with an aftercare Program. Treatment for substance abuse in individuals with co-occurring disorders requires a careful consideration of relapse prevention strategies. Those with co-occurring disorders frequently face difficulties that last well beyond initial stabilization and recovery. Substance abuse
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Mar 5th, 2009 | By

Sex Addiction:A Reality in Need of Treatment Now that we know more about alcoholism we know that many functional alcoholics run successful businesses and hold leadership positions in every level of our society. Interestingly, sexual addiction can also manifest in diverse populations. Over the years, suggesting that an individual had issues with sexual addiction brought up either titillating laughter with knowing winks, or images of someone having compulsive sex all
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Drug rehab program in Florida beach side facility and residence.

Mar 4th, 2009 | By

Why Challenges is Different Every client that walks through the doors of Florida drug rehab center Challenges Program is given an individual treatment plan designed by our Clinical Team. A majority of our clients have been through several treatment centers prior to there arrival at Challenges. We offer you an opportunity go beneath the surface and help you to understand what is triggering your relapses. It could be a number
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