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Addiction and effects on the family

Challenges is committed to the inclusion of and support of family as an integral part of every client’s treatment plan for drug and alcohol addiction. The disease of Addiction has adverse effects on the entire family. Challenges is committed to the inclusion of families of drug addicts and alcoholics as an integral part of every client’s treatment and recovery.

When a client is admitted to Challenges the primary therapist contacts the family to orient them to the treatment process and invite their participation in it. Information about the program, the disease process as well as their family member’s treatment is shared. Appointments may be scheduled for family therapy. Referrals may be made to family self-help groups. All family members are invited to participate in the Family Program described below.

The Family Program consists of individual, group , and educational meetings designed to share information, define processes like co-dependency and enabling, educate about diagnoses and medications and develop new coping strategies for recovery and relapse prevention. “Family” includes but is not limited to parents, spouses, siblings, children, (14 and older), as well as friends, significant others, employers, sponsors or anyone else who may be important to enhance and participate in the client’s treatment and recovery.

Family Meetings in treating addiction

Your family member’s primary therapist will schedule face to face family meetings at the program or “tele-conferences” over the phone for those families that are long distances away to share information, provide education and address specific concerns/issues related to you and your family.

Family meetings can be with or without the client. These meetings are scheduled upon admission and at least weekly contact is maintained thereafter. In some cases twice a week contact is conducted. Additionally, all family members are invited to participate in the following Family Therapy Program as recommended by your family member’s primary therapist.


The purpose of the Multi-Family Group meeting is to assist family members in understanding the disease model of addiction, relapse triggers and relapse dynamics , co-existing disorders and the medications used to treat them so they can become involved in “shared recovery”. Topics such as relapse in recovery and family systems and dynamics are discussed. With the right information and support, families can work together to reconcile past relapses, identify warning signs that may prevent future relapses and get involved in their own self-help support to address issues of co-dependency, i.e. Alanon, Naranon, etc. Information is presented and resources made available to assist family members in understanding the value of developing their own action plans in advance with their family members.

  • Facilitated by program staff.
  • For Family members only.
  • Psycho-educational in format.
  • Open for Families of active clients in treatment.


The purpose of Multi-Family Therapy Group I is to provide family members, without the identified client, an opportunity to share personal histories of substance abuse and its impact on them. Family members are allowed to present and work on feelings of anger, resentment, fear, etc. that may impede the shared recovery process if left unresolved. By doing so family members may achieve emotional catharsis as well as “cognitive restructuring” that will provide a healthier emotional environment in which relapse prevention can occur including the actual development of action plans. Homework may be assigned. Where indicated, on-going family therapy can be recommended.

  • Facilitated by Program Therapist.
  • For Family Members only.
  • Solution focused for resolving identified barriers to shared recovery.


The purpose of Multi-Family Therapy Group II is to provide a therapeutic and safe environment for family members to directly address issues in a group setting with the “addict/alcoholic” family member now in treatment at Challenges for the purpose of resolving feelings, to implement new strategies and action plans with each other and to begin the collaborative process of “shared recovery”. Families are able to identify old problems and practice new skills. All participants my gain experience, strength and hope in dealing with the disease process of Addiction.

  • Facilitated by Program Therapist.
  • For Families and their “identified addict/alcoholic” member.
  • Solution focused for developing “shared recovery”.
  • Referral by Primary Therapist required.


Families review what they have learned over past two days and share with the group their final action plans and commitment to “shared recovery”.

  • Facilitated by Program Therapist.
  • For Families and their “identified addict/alcoholic” member.
  • Brings closure to the therapeutic experience.
  • Written recommendations are provided to family members regarding follow-up care for themselves.

Addiction and family support

Family Group is a facility sponsored support meeting for all Family members to attend indefinitely. This group is not intended to replace Alanon or any other self-help group. It is designed to allow for Family members of current clients as well as former clients to have an on-going forum in which to receive support by sharing their experience, strength and hope.

For our client’s Families that are long distances away a Weekly Family Group by tele-conference is available. This tele-conference is conducted by program staff and is designed to provide a similar forum in which Family members can share and receive information, feedback and support.

  • Supervised by Program Staff.
  • For Families of clients who have completed the Family Program as well as Families of clients who are currently in treatment.
  • Supportive.
  • Open-ended.
  • Referral required.

Family members of Alcoholics and Drug Addicts are often the first to recognize a problem and seek treatment options for their loved ones. Today, more than ever, technology provides instant access to information and services regarding Alcoholism and Addiction. In our attempts to immediately provide access to our expert clinical staff a separate mailbox is provided on our website: for questions regarding family issues and our Family Program. Every attempt is made to provide a quick response to assist Families in accessing information and/or treatment.

In summary, we believe that the chances of stable recovery for the client are greatly enhanced when both the family and the client engage in the recovery process together. Challenges is dedicated to facilitating that process.

Family support weekends

In addition to Challenges on-going weekly Family Group on Thursday evenings, Family members of Challenges clients and alumni are invited to re-visit issues and concerns, monitor progress and reconfirm commitment to the shared recovery process by attending the structured Family Week-end program on an ongoing monthly basis.

Besides problem solving old or new problems, Family members can develop on going support with each other and include the Challenges Relapse Prevention Program and Staff as a significant part of their support system. Challenges staff is available to address issues in group or can consult with individual Family members as needed. Family week-ends are intended to expand the network of formal and informal support to family members in the never ending shared recovery process.

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