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Adderall Abuse | Adderall Addiction, Treatment and Drug Rehab

What is Adderall?

Our drug rehab center in Florida has treated Adderall addiction for clients and have achieved remarkable recovery success. The stimulant Adderall is designed for use with patients that suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or narcolepsy. It is available in tablet form or extended release caplets. The tablet should be taken 2-3 times a day spaced out about 4-6 hours apart. Extended release caplets should be taken once a day.

Users of Adderall should be warned by their prescribing physicians that it is highly habit-forming and users are at a very high risk of becoming addicted to the drug.

How does Adderall work?

As a stimulant, Adderall works by increasing alertness, attention and energy in the user. As a member of the amphetamine family, Adderall increases the effects of dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain. The drug also increases the heart rate and blood pressure and produces a sense of euphoria because of the levels of dopamine released by the brain.

What are the side effects of abusing Adderall?

Adderall has a profound effect on the heart rate and blood pressure, and as such, there is a high rate of sudden death, stroke and heart attack after prolonged use of the drug. Long-term use in children shows a temporary decrease in growth rate. Stimulants also depress appetite and some changes in vision have been reported after use.

Other, milder side effects can include restlessness, headache, constipation, diarrhea, dry mouth and more. Serious side effects can be anything from pounding heartbeat to seizures. Due to the severity of side effects, recreational abuse of Adderall is very dangerous

How is Adderall abused?

A 2009 SAMHSA survey reported that 56% of recreational users of prescription drugs received the medicine from a friend or family member. Since pharmaceutical drugs are the second most abused drugs in the nation, according to the same survey, it is alarmingly easy for non-medical users to obtain the drugs. Adderall is frequently combined with other illicit drugs to create a sort of drug cocktail. The street names for Amphetamine are numerous and include eye openers, hearts, jam (a mix of amphetamine and cocaine) and little bomb (a mix of heroin, amphetamine and depressants).

What are the withdrawal symptoms from Adderall Addiction?
Withdrawal symptoms are a range of physical and mental effects and some of them include fatigue, depression and disturbance of sleep patterns. More serious symptoms include dangerously high body temperature and irregular heartbeat. There is also the risk of seizures or heart attack.

Adderall Addiction Treatment at Challenges

If detox is needed from adderall addiction, we can facilitate the needs of the client. The Challenges staff is highly trained and we are one of the oldest addiction treatment and relapse prevention centers in the United States and are located in the sunny state of Florida. If you or someone you love has an Adderall addiction, we can help.

Our treatment programs are specifically designed with the needs of the individual patient in mind. They include full day/PHP Treatment, with or without structured living, extended care transitional treatment, neurofeedback, massage, yoga, group sessions, and intensive outpatient treatment. We have ongoing alumni services for our graduates and aftercare to ensure continued recovery and support.

Our mantra is that “Relapse Ends Here” and we give our clients the support and assistance necessary to back that up. We want to provide clients with the tools they need to help them be self-sufficient and identify their own particular warning signs and trigger mechanisms. We also help them prepare a concrete plan for success as they move out of the program and into the future.

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