Brain Needs to Reset After Addiction

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Addiction Farrah Abraham is in the news because of her relapse after leaving rehab.

The media has been enthralled by Abraham’s relapse. But what many people don’t realize is that it typically takes anywhere from 30-90 days of abstinence from drugs before the brain can even reset back to normal.

In other words, rehab is just the beginning of the process.

One key factor that studying the brain is showing researchers: recovery doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time for the brain to reset itself once addiction has been acknowledged and treatment instituted.

There isn’t really a quick fix when it comes to addiction and a typical stint in a rehab program is can be 30-90 days. Studies conducted by researchers at Yale have documented “the sleeper effect” which is defined as the period of time that it takes for the brain to re-engage after an addict has abstained for at least 90 days and when the ability to make sound decisions and function in an analytical manner can be expected to return.

Bottom line rehab itself isn’t the answer. Relapse prevention is what matters.

At Challenges, are experts in the area of relapse prevention.  We utilize a wide variety of treatment options, including brain scans, integration of technology into the recovery process and providing support to patients beyond the time they are physically in a rehab facility, as well as using natural wellness methodology to do all that’s possible to reduce stress and promote not only healthy bodies, but healthy brains, too.

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