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An Addict in Relapse Mode

One of the biggest blocks to addiction recovery is addictive thinking; But what is it, exactly?

One of the facts of addiction and addiction recovery is that there is a constant internal pull toward the use of drugs and alcohol despite a desire to not use. Addictive thoughts are those that appear to make it OK to return to use. This process in recovery has been called the return of denial or a relapse.

Here are some examples of addictive thoughts:Addictive Thinking

1. I have been clean for six months; that proves I don’t have a problem.

2. Certainly having just one drink on my birthday can’t hurt.

3. This time, I can control it.

4. I don’t have a problem you all have the problem.

Can you see how each of these thoughts can be a bridge back to using? It is the alluring path of thinking that will justify a return to use. It is the call of our own baloney and fantasy that made it seem reasonable to use drugs or alcohol in the first place. Left unchecked addictive thinking leads to uncomfortable emotional states, (such as anxiety or depression), which are the breeding grounds for urges and cravings.

What is the solution? Challenges Addiction Treatment Center suggests confronting these addictive thoughts as soon as they pop up. Do not let them take root. It is best to oppose them diametrically and out loud. If one finds oneself thinking “ I don’t have a problem with drugs. Challenge it – ‘Are you serious? I have a BIG problem. I have been in trouble all my life with drugs it has cause all the misery in my life’. We suggest you ramp up your rebuttal with emotion and really quash it.

Another way to interrupt the process of addictive thinking and rumination is to take action. The old 12 step slogan of ‘Move a muscle, change a thought is valid’. Work out, call someone, take a shower, any thing that will interrupt the thought process is a good idea. Please feel free to reach out and call Challenges if the urge becomes too great. We have programs that may suit your need if the desire and urge lead to negative consequences.

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