Abstinence with Sobriety equals Recovery

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Monkey of AddictionAbstinence and sobriety are two terms that are used interchangeably by a lot of people when discussing drug and alcohol addiction recovery. But are they the same thing?

The idea of growing in recovery as a person or ‘working on sobriety’ is actually a much different concept than abstinence. This is one of the most fundamental lessons person learns as they attempt recovery. Abstinence means to stop the use of addictive mood altering drugs and alcohol. Some people erroneously believe that once they stop drinking and drugging the mission is over.

Becoming sober is much more than that. Recovery is actually a developmental process that goes through distinct phases with lessons, skills and tasks to be learned and accomplished in each phase. The very first skill to be learned in the early phase of addiction recovery and sobriety is that of abstinence. It is the first small step toward a much greater picture. Here is what we mean by abstinence:

Abstinence :
In a nutshell, abstinence simply means to stop the use of alcohol and all other mood altering drugs. This is the most necessary first task in all of recovery. Please notice we did not say cut down or control drinking or drugging. That’s simply does not work. Abstinence means none, zero, nada, end of story. There is an old metaphor in the recovery world that states abstinence is like buying a ticket to the movie theater ticket and is not actually watching the whole show. The first building block of sobriety is abstinence it must be total and complete, there is no middle ground.

What is sobriety?
Sobriety is the process of learning living and coping skills that bring about or read warning and meaningful life, lived to the fullest, without drugs and alcohol. It is a fluid process of growth that transforms one from chaos, destruction, and dependence. The movement is toward a way of life that involves healthy self-esteem, relationships, communication skills, and personal growth.

5 Fundamentals Of Sobriety.
Here are a few fundamental concepts identified as foundations of a healthy recovery:

1. There first underlying principle of recovery is honesty; most importantly the absence of self-deception. Without honesty recovery is impossible. 2. One is never at a standstill; you are either moving away from a drink or drug or closer, your actions determine your direction.
3. Total abstinence of mood altering substances+ personal growth = sobriety
4. Sobriety is a program of action. Undemanding intellectual acceptance is not adequate. A thought is just a thought, nothing happens unless you take action.
5. Sobriety is a process, not an event; in fact, it is a lifelong process that is not easy but definitely possible.

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    Sharon Williams

    2 months ago

    Thanks a lot for sharing the information about this two terms! Atleast now we have this great idea about discussing drug and alcohol addiction recovery. Nice post on this site!

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