Deconstructing Alcohol

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Alcohol Destruction


Like other forms of addiction, alcohol abuse can take over a person’s life. The effects of their drinking can spread to other areas of their lives, damage their relationships and put lives at risk. Understanding the effects of alcohol abuse can help you bring the facts to someone that you love and prompt them to get the help that they need.

Reduced Judgment
When a person abuses alcohol, they do not think clearly. A person may be a great friend, excellent parent and valuable employee, but all this can come apart with the reduced judgment that goes along with alcohol abuse. A careless word, wrong choice or inappropriate comment made while under the influence can affect an alcohol abuser (or those around him or her) long-term. This poor judgment can have life-altering affects across the board.

Risky Driving
While having reduced judgment during a conversation or at a social event is one thing, this impairment can become deadly when an alcohol abuser chooses to get behind the wheel. According to a Mothers Against Drunk Driving report from 2011, about half of all drivers killed in a car accident had drugs and/or alcohol in their system. When alcohol abuse is paired with driving, there are deadly consequences.

Health Problems
Alcohol abuse can be disastrous to a person’s health. Liver disorders, heart problems, digestive problems, erectile dysfunction, diabetes complications, menstrual interruption, bone loss, paralysis of the eye muscles, increased risk of cancer and neurological complications are just some of the negative alcohol abuse effects according to the Mayo Clinic. These negative effects far outweigh the much-touted positive antioxidants in one glass of wine.

Domestic Problems
Alcohol impairs the way that an abuser relates to the people around them. When they rely on alcohol to get through the day, they are not themselves. They alienate the people around them and cut themselves off from the people that they are closest to. Alcohol can also increase the likelihood of physical or emotional abuse. With the reduced judgment and heightened emotions that go along with drinking, an alcohol abuser may be quicker to anger or to become violent than they would normally.

Get Help Now
Helping your friend or family member understand the effects of alcohol abuse can prompt them to realize how bad their drinking habits have become. Any of these four alcohol abuse effects should be red flags that they need to change their lives without further delay.


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